An ode of our little brother

Kashmiriyat kai naaam


Haunted by thoughts of our bleak past;
I become downcast because of my unhealed blood clot.
Fatally harmed on spot, by your onslaught,
I have been Thrown out of my delicately -woven sense of i-am-alright.

Should I speak up about the severity of my pains?
Should I reveal the sufferings that has been injected deep in my veins?
Should I vent the shrieks caged in the bloody water of my untimely rains?
Would it be the trangression to excavate the lost memories of my mother terrain?

Hopelessness has invaded the privacy of my nights ;
Solidifying the fear of my faltering sense of fright.
Tell me how long shall I bear the venom of such snakebites??
And suffer awaiting the fragrance of daylight hidden in the darkness and cruelty of this unending midnight?
We have souls and goals too that we intend to uphold.
And yearn to swim too like that cute little free and unfettered tadpole.
Walking now over the walks that are replete with manholes
Tell me how long do I warm my cold heart by the smoke of my burning charcoal ??

Where shall find the peace now in the wilderness of my lost self?
wherein a few uphold the allegiance and others backstack with a shear vehemence .

The little brother unmistakebly unrolled the realities that befell on him like a frightining thunder
Thus coloring the beginning of yet another kashmir summer with the blood of one of our grandfather.

Clueless as grandson stood in the middle of the isolated street of sopore.
What more is coming at us; what more is needed to underscore the excesses that we have not already witnessed heretofore???
How long do we have to endure the bereavement of our loved ones in this vanity fair?
How long do we have to grope on the ground floor imploring for the much-needed cure that is being duely ignored ??

Written and narrated by malik mohsin



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