Melancholic insight


Where did we come from and are we one day too going to succumb?
Won’t you listen to the words that I am about to hum ? Or would you numb your soul by listeining to songs that taste like filthy scum?

Look around and see what muslim umma has become, and see with what brutally have we been overcome.
I dont need to shout facts to confirm .
it is all over the internet .These are not the stories that I have fraudaulently spun.

We are being crunched under their financial thumb.
We have become so dumb; we dont even realizeĀ  that are being treated like a disposable food crumb.

We have all along been hit by their blows with my body cut into legs and a torso.

Your are acting like a juliet’s romeo and lusting yourself in a big far-off bungalow.
We dont know what is gonna happen tommorow and what more pains do we have to undergo.
Dont waste yourself for acting like a commando by winning a goddaam game show or putting up on internet a dumb show.

We need to let go the lust and greed that we kowtow(worship)
We need to grow from the dust and heed to calls coming from ours souls below..

I dont need to tell you what is right and what is wrong;
Because we have been knowing it all along.
This place is alien and this is not where we belong;
so stop being stoned and shake off your fear that you have embraced like a love song.

You can’t prolong a second of your life, no matter how much you long.
Death is the inevitabilty for us and sooner or later it is ,anyway, coming along.
So brace up and return to lord who has waited for your repentence for a lifelong.
Don’t betray yourself by tricking yourself that it is safe once more to string along.

By malik mohsin



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