Zaira wasim :Crown of kashmir





Zaira,a beacon to reckon with
Zaira,a name to conjure with
Zaira,a paragon of indisputable probity.
Zaira,an eidolon of unqualified integrity.

Day was 27th of may 2020.
When the world was already steeped in the blaze of corona pandemic and biased witch-hunting reportage of our mainatream media and nations being run by leaders of machiavellian’s make .From west to rest.
Here our brave zaira wasim,Shall I add with humility and with no theatricality,(CROWN OF KASHMIR)
was,unfairly, once again ensnared in a controversy ,by “autochthonous social media idlers” masquerading themselves euphemistically as responsible netizens,
wherein she was maliciously impugned of posting on her instragram a verse that spoke of divine wrath ;for the nations steeped in arrogance,in the form of
Flood,locusts,lice ,frogs and blood.
That is all she wrote with no innuendoes,whatsoever,
towards any nation.
Tariq fateh, an obnoxiously heretic man driven berserk by the disllusionments of geezerhood, put a spin on indian minds by tweeting zaira’s post alleging that it was directed towards India.
Thus galvanising the public against her.Such is the hypocrisy of man.
BAKHT netizens(remember AUTOCHTHONOUS SOCIAL MEDIA IDLERS) began barraging her with comments; alleging that it was directed towards them.
It came out of their own imaginations wholly.
I kid you not .It is like a person who refuses to believe in reality because of its harshness and chooses,instead, to gloat in pure ignorance out of cowardice.
What happens If we remotely mention the truth before him? He becomes infuriated signifying that deep down he believes in it.
The verse quotes about people of arrogance.
So by assuming the verse is directed at them they,ipso facto, acknowledge the fact that their nation has indeed become arrogant.That is a news.
Now that they know their government has failed them everywhich way -be it failure in the containment of corona outbreak, in managing the hassle-free return of migrants, cowardice in keeping the chinese army intruding their territory.
The pent-up anger of political disillusionment ,the anger that they cant direct towards their government , was directed towards zaira.Such is the helplessness of the people.
Because zaira abdicated bollywood(cesspool of obscenity and hypocrisy) on moral grounds which they(bakht and bollywood hypocrits) cant stomach, it is difficult for them to come with terms that zaira left the glamor,the status, they ache for so desperately.
It is shallowness of the souls who can not entertain the fact that she debunked the myth of pursuing the bollywood glamor and fame.It is just the pent-up frustation.
She is 19 years old.At this age most of us dont even have the basic sense of what is right and wrong,Let alone quiting such a fame.
She renounced the fame that we long to the bones.
This moral enlightenment belies her age and accords the people of kashmir with a dignity that we never witnessed before.
We stand with you.
By quitting bollywood; you saved a lot of teen especially girls,to follow the path that is purely based on insecurities,hypocrisy and objectification of beauty and body of woman.
We stand with you,hand in hand;shoulder to shoulder
and kindly keep informing and inspiring us with your nuggets of religious insights.
We are honoured to await your words of wisdom.
Keep it up.
By Malik mohsin



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