Missive to Dr Tharoor in Tharoorian way.


Of late, I have been fixated with an adventurous idea of dropping a missive to DR SHASHI THAROOR , ofcource in shibboleth idiosyncretic(tharoorian) to him .Here it is;

I bring into your cognizance the infernal dilemmna, the diabolic disconsolations that sheafs of students across country have been ensnared in, because of hubris displayed by intransigent juggernaut,G.O.I, who has turned  blind eye on the greivances and demands of students by spurning the demand of postponement of JEE/NEET -slated in the month of September

If you ever behold this message -penned by a Kashmiri student; do apprise us about the possible way-out of this quagmire and plz rake up the visceral or back-door policy to the public, that this government is adhering to, belieing it under the facade of “for the welfare of students, or saving of an academic year”.

Such plausible argumentations seems to be pure bubkes to us and does not even amount to anything other then sophistry intented to further the ulterior motives decreed by the corporations onto them.


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