Sushant singh rajput and dark side of bollywood


It is disheartening to know that a brilliant mind; a mind that had ,both, an intellectual endowment and artistic niceties(that is rare in this, what I rather prefer to call, “”cesspool of corruption” a.k.a bollywood.), would choose to end his life in such a way.
My heart goes for him and his family.

According to Rajput, he had ranked seventh in the DCE Entrance Exam in 2003 and secured admission in the Bachelor of Engineering(Mechanical Engineering) class in Delhi College of Engineering. He was also a National Olympiad Winner in Physics. In all, he cleared as many as 11 engineering entrance exams, including that for the Indian School of Mines.

But that is not what I am here for.
you are undoubtedly in shock due this horrific incident of suicide ;trying to fathom how on earth could one,of such a fame and wealth, choose to end his life this way?
A life that seemingly is akin to utopians make.
Where finances are secured ,
familarity is concomittant
Fans drooling all over just to have a glimpse of you and what not.
Is this not what amounts to a perfect life ???
Or is it just the manipulative and brain-washed outlook created in us ,deliberately, as a matter to fact, by this industry ,by bombarding us constantly with fake and unwholesome take on life.
Is this not time to introspect in the corner of our room and question why we,consiously or subconsiouly, are made to see our normal life boring and dull?
And are constantly told to pursue the fame they have,
The wealth they possess.
They may not express it in words all the time
But becuz of the facade they put to outside world,knowingly or subliminally, we are fed with standards that ingrain in us a sens as if our life is crime and not worth living..

They are not the source of inspiration as they often put.
If you go by their actions, they are the source of depression,of creation of unrealistic expectations
Of plundering the vulnerabilty of humans.
They whole industry ,except a few exception, literally,I kid you not, is predicated upon the abuse of our temptations and our weak spots.
Ever wondered why they put up a young woman -with so spick and span body and face_that does not exist in real world , with skimpy and uncivil clothes.
That would undoubtedly create chaos in the long run.
Momentarily it may cater to our animalistic self.
But in the long run it depresses, demoralises the society .

They inculcate in us by their actions a sense of insecurity about ourselves, our way of living.
About our appearances especially in girls
They biologically carve their body and body parts so to have wider audience and create in us a subconsious hate against ourselves

The very actresses who preach us to be ok with oneselve ,with our body , post on instragram pics of such perfection breaking the pyche of teen by setting up false standards
If we are so connected on social media how come depression is peaking all over the globe.

If movies and movie stars are sources of inspiration ;why are we today shrouded in the darkest of despair?
Movies and songs used to be art but now is filth,profane and noxious .
Movies like Article 15 is art,talwar or the academy award winner spotlight
These are a few isles of excellence floating in the sea of mediocroty , hypocrisy..
Songs that was meant to bring to public attention social menaces and injustices around us like Mc kash and alif are now depleting us to the bones instead us edifying us.
Choose your content wisely .Know what is promoting unhealthy standards of life ;that no one can live up too.
And refrain from it only then will see the the rays of peace in our hearts -that we are lackings

Lets conclude with a few verse about malady of depression and hopelessness.
The claws of which are hell bent on in lacerating the edifice of our equanimty
It acts on our mind and flesh yet it itself is fleshless
I strongly believe fleshless entities tortures us the most
They kill us all the time yet we seem alive to the world
The break us yet we have to put on the facade of “unbreakable” to the world.

Though we breathe outwardly yet deep down we are sapped of its essense .
We gleam with laughs yet our hearts are barraged with enormous cries and whimpers.
Before it is too late.
Know and save yourself from such extremities wherein your logic and rationality will fail you.
Such mental states are not mere accidents
It is slow process.Acculumation of small and unnoticebale acts
You can start by freeing yourself from the cage created by fantasical bollywood world .
Do yourself a favour.


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