Suicides ,students and the exams



What drives a student to  suicide?

What drives a student to end his life so suddenly?
What demoralizes him to see his whole life only through the prism of career achievements; the achievement if ,God forbid, not realized deprives him of the essence of life-the very meaning of existence itself.

When such chaos grips the heart of a student; it is the underworld of chaos,the abysmal bottomless pit, the infinite world of oblivion and emptiness that he gets stuck in;
the world where the discretion of right and wrong fades, nihilism;
The feeling of being a total disappointment to the whole world and family sets in, consummate disillusionment;
where the possible solution to the tragedy of life manifests itself as a world where there is no life at all, Suicidal tendencies.

vile judgements

It is true, those who see it objectively , can’t and won’t empathize with the gravity of the tragedy that renders a person suicidal nor can they possibly posit solutions to these egregious acts that afflict the society.
It is therefore of no use to expect sympathy, empathy and a hand of consolation from their side.
They will belittle your suffering with disdain and inhumane callosity. So be careful who you share your innermost dark secrets with;the truth is some,probably most, won’t and don’t give a damn .

Suicides on the eve of NEET

On the eve of NEET; a Medical Entrance Examination, that was due on Sunday ;Sep 13: three students have taken this route; route of chaos and hopelessness-explained above(suicide), as a means of escaping or ending the pangs of hopelessness that this exam engendered in their hearts or by din’t of the pressure imposed upon them by the Authority that choose to conduct the exam in the thick of pandemic ;where daily toll of Corona positive cases borders on near 1 lakh-defeating the America in per day case spikes.
The reason seems more likely to be later.For majority of students have spoken in vociferous voice in favor of the postponement of exams not because of unpreparedness , but because of the mayhem, the disturbance that Pandemic has enveloped us in.

Is government culpable?

If the cataclysmic daily toll shows an exponential spike after the examination is over;The onus falls completely on the shoulders of Government-they are accountable to whatever consequences it kicks in across the country.

We hope no steeper spike is witnessed ahead but lets no delve in ignorance and rule out the possibility of second option .
We would hope that all students fare in the examination and come home with flying colors.
But ,God forbid, if pandemic had interference in their display of performance that did not meet their expectation and they choose a wrong path;Authority will be culpable.

“narcissistic parenting”

Parents are requested to not use their children as scapegoats in showing off their achievement as an instrument of prestige to the family.
They are not trophies to be made display off. It not only is deleterious but also strips down humans to its lowest self.
Yes,you wish them to be successful. Instead of becoming greedy; guide them to a life where success is not merely defined by certificates and degrees.
It is good to have prestigious degrees but let’s not fool ourselves to brand it  as a litmus test for success.

What is the cure?

Inculcate them with a sense of discipline, responsibility instead ;they will indeed then bring laurels for you not out of social compulsion or peer pressure but out of  their own determination and perseverance.

Even if they win in this lifeless pursuit for so-called family pride; they would be deemed failures anyway.They will never learn to stand up for themselves for social and peer pressure would always enslave them.

Let the parents help the child to self-actualize his potentials first and than give him enough leeway and support to pursue it to the end with his shear volition and fervor.
Let the child be inculcated with wisdom that success lies not only in the outcome of goal but also lies in the pursuit itself,
If this is intuitively internalized in the hearts and minds of children; they won’t than feel disappointed even if they don’t get the desired result; because the pursuit would itself impart the fruits of sucess, i.e, wisdom in them; which will stay with them with or without the attainment of final over-hyped outcome- that they so desperately ache for.

Written By Malik Mohsin

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