Rana ayyub: real face of journalism


The impunity that anonymity on internet imparts to the netizens ,i.e, online community makes it possible for many a people to cyberbully,abuse and malign the very character of people especially woman.
Majority of girls can relate to it because they have ,in one way or the other, been inflicted with this menace of “character assisnation” on internet.
So was the case with an Indian journalist and writer RANA AYOUB
who has penned “gujrat files:Anotomy of cover up”
A book that raked up the hidden grim and ghastly events transpired during 2002 gujrat riots.

In the cesspool of soldout media, a few isles of real journalism, that exists today,it wont be an overstatement to accord her with the dignity that we accord to ravish kumar.
Such is the sancity ,veracity and empathy found in her writing.

Given that we are living right now in a lawless environ where voicing of truth amounts to treason or at times sedition.
All she did was to offer sympathy for the kashmiri and especially to the family that had been incurred with the loss of a loved one callously..

Soon she was barraged with smearing epithets(insulting messages) and profane messages by “Autochthonous social media idlers” threating her of her life and her kins and kiths.
Such is the insanity of such pseudonationalists.

One can understand that freedom of expression allows one to convey one’s indignation and disagreement in variety of ways but using that right to bombard someone with death and rape threats and speaking of throwing out of the country is inhumane and vilest of crimes
Such acts need more then words of condemnation and sympathy.
Strict action is warranted against the culpable not only nail the culprit but should be set as an example for any one inclined to perpetuate it..

She did file complain and police has taken matter into their hands and has guaranteed that strict action will be taken against the culprits.That is what we hope for…
People of such valour,braveness and selflessness are rare.such people deserve to be our rolemodels rather then hypocrite,nepotistic bollywood actors.

We stand with you,you are hope to millions in this land of hopelessness .

She sings songs of unqualified integrity , writes stories that bespeak utmost honesty, Of no qualms of critical reprisals,of no reservations towards its outgrowths

Shackles will indeed melt when my pen will reply back
Forgotten memories will resurface about which the world has to been made amnesiac
commitments will wither away as my words will barrages you with soul-wrenching panic attack..
Everything will be remembered becuz of the words coming out of the bosom of this
sad sack..

U have jilted me that indeed hit me with a stroke
U saw me smother in dense smoke and heard me crying to the point where I had myself choked.
Before you,I was handsome bloke and had no idea what is it to be broke
Now after you hit me with you masterstroke how long shall I endure this disgraced life akin to a
dirty joke.


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