Mass delusion and Arnab whoop-deedoo



As Sushant sing rajput’s case has taken a new turn after it was handed over to CBI.The soi-disant judge, of this case, Arnab Goswami , has once again rendered masses astray. From theories of nepotism to depression, they have choosen to adjudicate the matter through “9-oclock primetime Arnab whoop-dee-doo” passed off as “Newsdebate”.

First Karan Johar became the prime victim, in the eyes of public, along with his entourage.
Then Sonam Kapoor  was literally “character assassinated”. Infact her whole family was anathematised with curses and abominations.
Last but not least, even Alia Bhat was not spared. All of a sudden, they became oblivious of her acting skills and performances.

Some people do deserve favour because their talent pays much more in return Like Hrithik  Roshan. He is one of the finest actors in bollywood .Had he not been a “Star kid”, his talent would have made him a star anyway .So is Alia and many other-If not all.

I am no bollywood fan nor do I admire any of these actors . But I marvel at the stupidity of people when they adhere to” collective narrative ”
It is “Orwellain dystopia”. Literally.
Alas; only few can see through mass illusions and delusions

By Malik Mohsin



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