Internet gag,lockdown and kashmir




History is bereft of instances wherein such a “monstrous gag” on Internet has lasted for so long.It has been, well-nigh, a year since the ‘miracle’ (we call it miracle here) of 4g was put behind the bars after the abrogation of article 370 by DEMOCRATIC NATION of INDIA.

Undoubtedly, You must have heard the clichéd narrative of this being done to maintain so-called “law and order”. I don’t know, in the first place, where is law to be implemented and order to be maintained.I would deliberate exclusively on “INTERNET GAG” in this article. Because speaking on other human right infringements calls forth a beaucoup hours.

Pseudonationalism on rise.

Before I begin, I have a disclaimer: If you are bigot, hypocrite, unctuously patriotic, i.e, “Bakth” and an acolyte of lickspittle of central government a.k.a. Arnab Goswami.

Kindly, leave off this video and scram(bugger off).And those of you who, of course, are not enslaved by bigotry and biased narrative of your sell-out mainstream media.

I have question for you: What constitutionality does your central government have to inhumanely smother the basic right of free access to high-speed internet for millions for so long??


Corona Pandemic and Internet gag

Corona pandemic, and on top of it, this year-long lockdown has made this “LAND OF SUFI’S” into an eternal hell.

Don’t you agree?

Students are academically suffering, by dint of this internet gag, because they can’t attend online classes. E-commerce, E banking etc all is now a fairy tale here. Such curbs are, not only undemocratic, but rather unwarranted and sinisterly implemented to marginalize us academically, economically and socially so that they could realize their dream of “SAFRONISATION OF KASHMIR”

Final conclusion and only way-out

Movements of struggle, as like in KASHMIR, against any tyrannical juggernaut, can never be deracinated. It may be weakened by brute force and psychological manipulations. But spark can never be put off. Never!

You may achieve an ephemeral peace in here but single spark will sprout it into flames of chaos- as has been the case in recent history.If the roots of the tree are cancerous;cutting off infectious twigs is redundant. Such an alienation of us creates an inevitable indignation and abhorrence in our hearts against the tyrant.

These sentiments are so deep-rooted in us and have perchance gone beyond the times of cure. But here is the silver lining, you can mitigate the sense of sufferance and alienation in us by according us the human dignity-that we indeed deserve-to lessen the consequences of cataclysmic backlash.

Rethink your policy of containment of the “people of Kashmir”.

Consider winning us over rather than turning us over.

This is, mostly likely, the only way out of this quagmire that we are ensnared in since the 1990s.

Written by Malik Mohsin

Thanks for reading.






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