Corona pandemic: end of times




Complete lockdown

The ubiquitous clamp down ,actuated by breakneck spread of fatal strains of a virus, all over the globe has consummately signified ,in bold relief, the vulnerability and incompetency of humans vis-a-vis scientific developments and advancement even when present milieu bespeaks that modern time is the heyday of sciencitific times.

Not only does it signify that we,as a single civilization, teether on the brink of ignominous ignorance in the medical sciences but also shows that we ,especially the west, has been deluded due to its vanity of refusing to acknowledge the limitations and impuissances of humans.
Indeed they did,and are,paying the humongous prize;unatoned to the hilt even by their prized possession of wealth_that they have looted from the rest for centuries.

Mystery behind its origin

The cliffhanging question that has been,from months now,talk of television debates,newspapers,journals and social media platforms; is not where did it originate but rather HOW did it originate??
It is known that it did originate from wuhan,a province of china.
What boggles our mind is “how did it originate in wuhan?”
and why and how did world fail so terribly in taking the cognizance of severity of its communicabilty and fatality?

China’s excuse

China has chalked it up to some species of bats-what more can they say?
But west, and majority of people, claim that it is human made which either got accidently leaked and then soon spiralled out of control or it was a part of bigger machiavellian plan of economic dominance.
Though all the suppositions seem plausible and indeed are backed by a few claims and evidences(superficial )
But it seems ,at least to my inquisitive mind;
The sinister plan of ecnomic dominance, is most plausible out of all the suppositions.
This take on its origin is supported by mightiest of nations world over including U.S,U.K and AUSTRALIA.
I buy this version not only because a bulk of evidences hint towards it but history too seems in harmony of the later theory , by and large.

War of economic dominance(just an opinion)

Humans have fought through territorial wars,to wars through espionage , through creation of false currencies-that UNCLE SAM has enjoyed the most,
to dominance through nuclear weaponary and, last but not the least through chemical warfare.
Does economic dominance through chemical warfare seem new and unprecedented?

No,It is not.Though it has remained ,by and large,under the caparision of anonymity heretofore;but its edifice of secrecy has indeed got leaked from time to time .

My opinion(yes it is just an opininion) is that
Corona pandemic is a war of economic dominance.
A wise person undoubtedly knows that
“Politics is a game of power and dominance and not of principles and developments-under the facade of which politicians win gullible people over- majority of them.

All the wars,by and large,are actuated by the lust of money-where amazingly all the power is cententrated.
Brush up the annals of history and jump over the veener of lies that they passed off to the world as casus beli( acts that justifies war).
You will find money to be the pandor’s box and reason behind most of the wars.

End of times

It is forgone conclusion that fate of human civilization is bleak and catastrophic.
The question is not whether or not humanity is inching towards a bloody dead end!
The real question is when and how bad it is gonna be???

Hypocrisy of west

U.S has no locus standi,whatsoever,to impeach china of creation or spread of this plague because the mighty station US civilization has, is founded and bolstered ,even to this day, by waging wars surreptitously mostly, and overtly at times , against the countries they deem as ” happy hunting grounds”.
Their hands are dripped in blood themselves how can it be fair that US can impeach china of the crime that it is ,and has been, commiting since time immemorial???

The question is not who mong them is right?
It is rather who is among them is “BIGGER OF THE CRIMINALS”


The pandemic that unceremoniosly stemmed out of WUHAN.
Is now all over the map yet CHINA is brazenly cruising the ship of its economy head-on.

Rumours are rife about what brought the whole earth under its fatal claws.
China has ,no doubt,bogarted the culpability of its origin and its probable cause.
Who is going to bring it to justice as per rules of so -called internaltional laws?

Apostles of cynicism wouldn’t factor it in as a probable reality.
They will repudiate it by branding it yet another propagandistic theory of conspiracy.

For such benighted minds here are the words that will disenthrall you of your naive stupidity.
Enlighten yourself about the blighted history of humankind with objectivity.
Dont you know?how much brutality has been perpetrated by nations just to have economic supremacy.

Annals of history are replete with inhumane massacres perpetrated by a spate of Machiavellians.
Haven’t you seen the iniquities compassed by HITLER,MAO and the likes of STALIN?

The pandemic will end .Humanity wilĺ sooner or later once again ascend the path of profitable trend.
But Economic warfare will doom us to an inevitable perdition and undoubtedly human civilization will hit a bloody dead end .

Written and narrated By Malik Mohsin


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