Corona pandemic and Its impact on India


A complete story of Corona Pandemic In India. From beginning to end.


Corona pandemic and Its impact on India

The beginning of new era

The year 2020 ushered in a new world of uncertainties and possibilities. Wuhan, the epicenter of Outbreak, was already in headlines in the ending part of 2019. Though,

people were a bit wary about the situation in Wuhan but little did they know that this outbreak will be of ubiquitous spread all over the globe overnight.

We all were, including the West, totally caught unawares and had not imagined even in the remotest corners of our mind that Coronavirus will ensnare every nook and corner of the world.

But as nature is merciless in its intent at times; we all fell victims to its fatal communicability and contractility.

Even The mighty U.S. couldn’t see the cataclysm coming their way.

As a result when it became clear that Corona Outbreak is exponentially growing; economies were shut down roundly.

Unplanned announcement of lockdown

The Prime Minster of India too announced, like a bolt out of blue, the 21-day-long lockdown without a prior notice.

It was utterly unplanned and immature to put it into effect in such a haste.

India is a country where majority of people earn their livelihood through manual work. Migrants who had gone to earn their bread in other States were rendered inmates there. They literally had to put up living in an alien land without basic amenities necessary for living: No living place, no food and water, not enough money to get by the dreadfulness caused by abrupt imposition of lockdown.

As a result they, knowing that they won’t survive like this for long, choose to walk back to their home states ; resulting in the death of dozens of people.

Complete fiasco.

The 21-day-long lockdown turned out to be a complete fiasco. Cases kept exponentially rising despite the lockdown and government eventually gave up on people and left them to the vagaries of their fate.

The graveness of situation is such that daily toll of corona positive cases teeter on the brink of 100thousand/day. Yet the government is trumpeting its victory in curbing the spread of Corona outbreak. That is the hypocrisy of our Government.

Economic big crunch.

Pre-COVID-19 indifference towards the earlier signs of crumbling economy plus mishandling of Economy during the pandemic lead to the total collapse of economy-GDP shrunk by 23%-that is unprecedented in its magnitude.

Finance Minster branded it as an act of god. That is such a shallow escapism.

Other natural calamities

Rampant floods, onslaught of locust swarms and other natural calamities were mishandled by the government and the ground report was manipulated by the sycophant sold-out media in favor of the government. Thus making things worse.

China’s aggression and our hostile neighbors

When things couldn’t have gone any more wrong: China began to put up a show of sheer intransigence along the lines of LAC; Intruding into the territory and refusing to restore the 1962 status quo.

20 solders died in a hand-to-hand fight with China’s PLA. In response Government did nothing other than a few political gimmicks to distract audiences from the issues of relevance and importance.

It was another disaster.

Nepal too became aggressive on its stance over border outlines with India; taking India head-on.

Thus, it became clear as ever that the Foreign Policy of this government, the only area where this government was deemed to merit a bit of credit and praise, too turned out to be complete disaster. Partly because of its arrogance and insensitivity towards the concerns of other nations plus Implementation CAB and NRC added fuel to the fire, antagonizing our neighbors especially Bangladesh in this case.


It is indeed of no doubt that humans are facing a serious calamity and the future too seems to be somewhat bleak and somber. But looking back at our history ; what we find is that humans have gone through the worst of situations.

The horrors of the 20th century are still alive in our memories: Rise of Nazism, the Totalitarianism in the Soviet Union, the Cultural War of Mao, Cold War and last but not the least, Worlds Wars. Humans have managed to recuperate even from such dungeons of darkness so will be the case this time also.

We have to have collective faith in our fortitude and leaders must shun the theatricality of self-serving politics especially when we are in the thick of pandemic.

After all tomorrow is new hope, new beginning. 

We will rise once again

We will bloom once again

We shall not bow down when things are against us.

We shall overcome the vicissitudes of our fate.

Written by Malik Mohsin

email:[email protected]

phone number:7006043891



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