Black lives matter so does lives of kashmir



The custodial killing of an african american -GEORGE FLYOD in MINNESOTAA,U.S; has kicked up fierce williwaw (furore) across many states in U.S and the world.
Not only are africo-americans making the common cause against such racial homicide but white nationals are also pooling their efforts in voicing their indignation against the police department for its brutality perpetrated against afro-american and brown citezens.

It led to lawlessness in many places.
Immolation of vehicles,plundering of shops were the visuals that surfaced from many a places across the US.
Though top-brass police officails condemmed the act and condign punishment has been meted out to the culpable officer and abetters of the crime —

On May 29, 2020, Chauvin was charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter, and held at Oak Park Heights state prison.
On June 3, 2020, the charge against Chauvin was upgraded to second-degree murder, and the three other officers were charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder.

Even DONALD J TRUMP apparently came hard on this issue and spoke bluntly against the crimal officer initially.
But when protests surfaced across many parts of the U.S ;he espoused the use of violence callously against the protestors
Thus garnering flak from the public and celebrities too spoke against the trumps insensitive remark..

What is actually the demand.

Nervertheless, display of public indignation is not abating.
It is because racial discrimination of blacks ,that officially was indeed abolished way back, still perpetuates in the system ,though in most cases,
It has also invoked the recollection of painfull memories of slavery and the horrific tortures-that blacks were subjected for decades by white nationals.
Such acts are not random happenstances but systemic and are being done every now and then
They demand that the racial superiority ,that perpetuates in many parts of the US, has to be rooted out now.Thus they are clamour not for reformation of police department but rather
“Defunding the police” .
Jo be kisi aur video mai explain karoon ga

But what is astonishing is that whole black community unified and spoke out against it, even ,white americans participated in the protests,that too,amidst the corona pandemic that has taking heavy toll on US -both In terms of human lives and economically .
One must not shy away from confessing that police reacted considerately at few places .
They squatted on their knees in solidarity of GEORGE FLYOD.
Our police department should imbibe such civility..

Such unfazement towards contractability of corona virus signifies that “individulas of Integrity ,probity and principles” still exist in Us-though the present moral climate(zeitgeist) is steeped in moral decadence.

Why do we brook such and even worse egregious transgressions in here with consummate silence?

What does it teach us.

Brotherhood is among founding principles of islam
Yet non-muslims seem to have ingrained this virtue more profoundly in their hearts and actions then us.
That is such a shame.
Muslims fight among themselves over issues that are so trivial.
We have to rise above our differences of opinions,school of thoughts to enter into the realm of prosperity and intellectual enlightenment.
Our schoolars ought to be intellectually endowed and apostles of communal and sectorian harmony. In order to have a respectable standing in the world .
We must,we must let go the time-honoured ways of doing things.
This is the time of knowledge explosion .Only leafs of books of varied fields will give us status that is expected out of us by our lord.
We must resort to our,otherwise, only recource,that is the wisdom that lies within the pages of books.Not only divine book of ours-that is must at any rate- but books of varied fields Like Orwellain 1984 also can not be ignored

We got no option

If we fail to do so not only will we continue to languish in intellectual and economic despondency in this world but also our lord will too hold us accountable for not being the torch-bearers of peace,proprosperity and advancements to the whole world
We have to be the people of inspiration for the humanity.
Failing to do so will doom us to an inevitable perdition


Swarmed by thoughts of our past;
I become downcast with our uncicatrized blood clot.
Fatally harmed by the spread of communal and sectorian discord.
We have been thrown out of our camelot.

Screaming now with voices which are out of your earshot;
I refuse to tell anyone how distraught.
I have become With betrayal that you and your lies begot
You left us to rot with your ferocious divisive onslaught.
Awaken you ,oh you bigshot, see; how long have we fought with their bloody garotte.
Everyone forgot that INTELLECTUAL ENLIGHTENMENT is all we have need to free ourselves from this monstrous juggernaut.

By Malik Mohsin



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