Charlie Hebdo:How the west is abusing the freedom of expression



The French satirical newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, which had roundly held media attention in 2015,locally and internationally, has began to reprint the controversial caricatures of PROPHET(p.b.u.h), that the gunmen, who opened fire on its editorial staff, cited as their motivation..

The move was announced on Tuesday, a day before 13 men and a woman accused of providing the attackers with weapons and logistics go on trial on charges of terrorism on Wednesday.

“Distorted mindset”

This paper put on a show of hypocrisy, by accompanying the editorial with offensive caricatures of PROPHET(p.b.u.h) with an insincere and shallow justification that these caricatures “belong to history, and history cannot be rewritten nor erased”

“If drawing belongs to history” then why do you have to republish it in present and create chaos across the lengths and breadths of world.
It is not like MUSLIM COMMUNITY is localized. We are spread all over the globe.

What good is going to come out of this “act of cowardice”?

Do you(they) think that hurting the sentiments of 1.5 billion adherents of this belief world over is gonna make you appear as intellectuals to the rest of the world ?
Your spurious argumentation that under the pretext of “freedom of expression we have the right to say anything to anyone, at anytime” betrays your ignorance instead.
No.You dont have the right to say anything to anyone at anytime. If all people began to follow this prinicple ; infernal chaos would then be inevitability .

“Speaking the truth”  is only thing that is justifiable.

Freedom of expression is garbage when used as a tool to pedal lies and deceits.
Freedom of expression can ,and will, never be a just justification to spread bigotry and engender indignation in the hearts of people.
Planting seeds of disharmony, polarizing the world into the “Us” and “them” narrative -In the words of  J Haidth : MUSLIM FUNDEMENTALIST and LIBERALS, is only facilitating the nefarious designs of fanatics from either sides of the spectrum.

Counter argument

1)  Sixteen European countries and Israel have laws against Holocaust denial , the denial of the systematic genocidal killing of approximately six million Jews in Europe by Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 1940s. Many of these also ban other elements associated with Nazism, such as the display of Nazi symbols.

2) Can you comment racist remarks against Blacks or any community in the name of free speech?
No you cant and it is unjustifiable under any circumustance.

“what is the cure”

I think Islamic Countries should get united under the aegis of “OIC” in favour of an agreement with the western countries,Including Europian Union , to implement a resolution;
“That no media outlet of any sort , be it, Newspapers, magazines , movies , documentaries etc should be allowed to publish things that malign or smear religious figure of any religion”.
Also we should invoke UN to pass resolutions against; ” Any act or action that is intended ,directly or indirectly ,to malign the core belief and sentimemt of any community or religion as heinous crime unanimously”.

Voicing Indignation in “My” style.

No amount of sophistry, under the facade of freedom of expression, can explain the preposterousness and idiocy, the shear poltroonery, the inveterate hatred of these egregious acts away. Leave it off.
World is already enveloped in chaos, lets be an agent of peace, harmony and mutual companionship instead of creating divisions among us.

Fanatics from both sides are doing it out of their own nefarious designs and vested interests But we ,the laity,i.e, common citizen, has to bear the burden of chaos and alienation in reality.

5)Come on table if you have sincerity.

If you have questions regarding our religion, come on table, put forth ,in a respectfull manner, the arguments  that you have against our beliefs.
You are more then welcome to come and debate the veracity of our religion.
By throwing disrepectfull innuendoes; you are proving nothing but your incompetency in dealing with our scholars .


Dont act like cowards by resorting to such tactics of shear devilery. Come, lets intellectualy posit our arguments and see what conclusion would beckon the attention of a sincere truth- seeker.That is the way conclusions are be drawn.

Don’t you agree???

By Malik Mohsin


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