The tyranny of teen;I and you || poem by M.Mohsin



I have accepted you while you have turned me down
I have hid my restlessness without a sign of frown.

You have strung me along with an air of superiority
You have torn me down while playing amid your sorority.

I have expressed my innermost feelings everywhich way
I have uplifted you through my words whn ever I got a say.

You have feigned(pretented) loyalty with desires yet to be known
You have escalated the chaos in me which has left me in ruin.

I have glorified you with an utmosty humility
I have amplified your importance in theĀ  eyes of people by hiding the zones of your moral stupidity.

You have mistook my soft spot with an attitude of Godly arrogance
You have abused my innocence for gratifiying the voids of loneliness that you had in your life of incompetence.

With the optimistic thoughts I have knocked your cruelty off
Wait, watch and see while I am turning your cold heart soft.

#onesidedlove, #teendepression, #teeninfatuation, #unrequitedlove, #blindlove, #firstlove, #lovebetrayal, #abusiverelationship, #psychopath, #masochism

By Malik Mohsin



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