Ahmad Faraz’s Ranjish hi sahi ||English translation by Malik Mohsin





Kis kis ko bataaenge judaai ka sabab ham
Tu mujhase khafa hai to zamaane ke lie aa
To how many a souls shall I vent the reasons of our seperation.
Granted that you have I upset, come to me anyway, just for the sake of mere worldly formality.

Ranjish hi sahi dil hi dukhaane ke liyay Aaa
Aaaa fir se mujhe chhod ke jaane ke lie a
If anguish is my fate then let it be, come to me, if only serve me in pieces once again.

Pahale se maraasim na sahi fir bhi kabhi to Rasm-o-rahe duniya hi nibhaane ke lie aaa
Given that we are far from the zone of intimacy that we shared once.
Come to me, anyway, just for the sake of mere mundane notions of social formality.

Maana ke mohabbat ka chhupaana hai mohabbat
Chupake se kisi roz jataane ke lie aaa
Of no deniability is it that hoarding(concealing) one’s love is of the signs of being in love itself
Stealthily do come by someday just to feed me with the illusion of mere consolation

Kuchh to mere pindaar-e-mohabbat ka bharam rakh
Tu bhi toh kabhi mujheko manaane ke lie aa
Atleast be of little esteem towards the pride of my love;
Do approach me,even for once, withhand of consolation.

Ek umr se hun lajjat-e-girya se bhi maharum
Ai raahat-e-jaan mujhako rulaane ke lie a
From ages, I have been forsaken from the magic of love
Come,oh you-the light of life, just to render me teary once again.

Ab tak dil-e-khushafaham ko hai tujh se ummiden
Ye akhiri shammen bhi bujhaane ke lie a
Even to this moment, my romanticsm is in expection of your unrealistic return
So come, if only to snuff this last ray of my hope out .

Jaise tumhen ate hain na ane ke bahaane
Aise hi kisi roz na jaane ke lie a
Just Like you find excuses of not coming back to me;
Exactly in the same tone, come, but with the promise of your eternal presence this time.

By Malik Mohsin

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