Loyality of pain ||poem by Malik Mohsin



Do you find me hurting your soul in the ways you can hardly perceive??

Scratching the strings of life that you delicately and carefully try to weave?

Am I the thief of dreams that you tried wholeheartedly to achieve?

Are you in disbelief that nothing is there which is out of my reach???

Do you still not get it that I am there with you even when shadows will betray the loyalty that they preached?

In the depths of nights where even ray of light chooses to stay out of your sight.

I look after you; through the depressions of your silent and gloomy midnight;

Who keeps you live and accompanies you with venom of societal snake bite?



You search for happiness in every breath of your existence;

And try to embrace it over me as if I am of no significance.

But tell me: who did you find holding and standing by you with no resistance?

Haven’t I presented myself before you unconditionally though you cursed me to be away from you at a distance?

I will seek you despite the hate that you have been entertaining against me,

I will always cherish to meet you with a welcome hand because in the end it is the path that will set you free from the demons of hopelessness that is stinging you like a venomous bee.

By Malik mohsin



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