Victim mentality and addiction of self-sabotage



This video is about general awareness of the malady of victim mentality that is affecting most of teen now.
The cure of this malady  should be sought from a medical professional

Introductory words

An idea that has been kicking around in me for longest time now is the malady of “victim mentality”. It is a relevant topic in present times and is somewhat directly or indirectly having a horrific impact on our mental stability and contentment.

What saddens me?

What actually saddens me most is that a large chunk of population especially living in subcontinent, i.e, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc are clueless about this disease of “victim mentality” because of which they are seething deep inside with bouts of self-pity, self-loathing, insecurities and other modern aberrations

What drives us to such behavior?

I don’t know clearly what drives us to such behavior but one thing is clear that we are knowingly or unknowingly on a prowl/look-out for the undesirable fluctuations in our fate, i.e, slight misfortunes.Once, we get wind of a slight traumatic incident.We embrace it and justify it in the back of our minds that I am destined for it or cursed or perhaps I am sole hapless mismatch in the family or society.

One thing I understood is that why we choose to embrace disproportionate resentment or suffering for minor setbacks or traumatic experiences is, may be, because, there is a guilt pleasure, an addictive taste, a dark flavor, an inexplicable satisfaction in feeling wasted, disoriented, depressingly chaotic.

It is a kinda psychological reflex action.

It’s not necessarily entirely rational, but it’s a coping mechanism. A first protective shell which we develop in order to be able to manage some immense disappointments and frustrations that life throws at us.

One more thing that I have observed is that when I am not doing the required work as is entrusted upon me by my creator, parents or career: My reason/logic gets hypersensitive and more perceptive towards these bad situations so that it could justify to itself the reasons of not fulfilling the responsibilities entrusted upon him.

It is not in the least surprising that we try to keep very painful facts about our own inadequacy and failure at bay.

It is escapism.

Role of Film Industry and feminism

I am not saying that all problems are purely made-up rather what I am try to get at is that our mind tricks us into believing and fabricating the exaggerated, sensationalized stories of these little incidents.

I can assure you it is rampant in teen.and, I am afraid it is going to get worse in the future.

There are many factors which has led to this disease.But I can sum it up by FILM INDUSTRY AND all that jazz.I believe amplified desperation especially in boys in matters of teen infatuations or attraction is closely linked to it.

Now more and more girls are tripping into the “boat of desperation”.Thanks to the idiocy and irrationality of western movement of so-called FEMINISM.

My gosh. Feminism is ridiculously paradoxical that I will ratiocinate in upcoming videos.So, yes, feminism, that is so-called women empowerment in its face-value, degrades the woman to demeaning levels.

Go see women of west: they have been reduced to mere objects of sexuality for commercial and consumerist needs.

Written by Malik Mohsin

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