The ill-effects of higher positions of in any social hiearchy.



Pursuit of happiness

Consciously or unconsiously we are all seeking the moments of happiness or lasting peace .
Indeed we do find,at times, momentary pleasures and satisfactions but “lasting stability” is hell-bent on in running away from us, all the time.It is like, the more we hold onto it,  more slips away from us.
One of the cliched myths that we are being fed, through all kinds of media platforms, is that higher status, more money and fame would guarantee us with the  “bride of our pursuit” ,i.e, “lasting happiness” .
But does it?

“Aberrations along social hierarchy”

Higher intellectual and social horizon does not expand the circle of companionship ,on the contrary, it shrinks it. Because with knowledge comes “principles” and “standards” as a result of which the probability of making a compromise with people akin to you, for keeping up the relatioship, is lessened outrageously .
Wise people prefer “lonelinness” or “solitude” over t “forced”  or  “compromised”  relationships of any sort.
So to conclude it is fair to say that higher you go in any social heirarchy; restricted will be the circle of companionship and in the wake of which loneliness will set in.
Either it can break you or it will grow you .
Your worldview will determine what lessons you will derive out of the moments of solitude.
Let go of the myth that being famous will make you feel special or elated all the time.
Rather in fair amount of cases, it so happens that people suffer within with emotional baggages,  insecurities and voids of loneliness.That ,if you be  a tad wise, is the trigger of intellectual enlightement and awakening.

“Adherence towards divine principles”

Adherence towards your principles and standards sprouts aversion towards relationships that are not based on reciprocation or where bulk of self esteem or principles are compromised.
No doubt a lot of people will leave you and it may end hurting you .But the silver lining is that your voids of loneliness and your “need of companionship” will be fed by a few people of quality.That is much better then the quantity ;that in the long run depletes your emotional reserve and sanity too .
And plus it will serve you with lot of time at your disposal for knowing and feeling the mysteries of world and pondering about the inevitability of your fate ,i.e, death.

Too much association and interaction with people,by and large, will hinder your growth, equanimity and would gradually corrode the fabric of relationships that you share with your family and close companions.

That is what social media has done to us .It  has instilled us with illusions of wider reach of friends and, in return, we have paid a big prize of being around a bulk of disconnected, indifferent, socially depressed people over the people of “quality and real meaning” .
It is a loose-loose situation for us.We are loosing on both sides- Our time and happiness.
The only dividends it pays is to the elites who own the corporations(rich people) .


Reconsider your interaction with people.And know how many are depleting your emotional reserve. Consider letting them go.
Because ,sooner or later, they will abondon you and will leave you with your miseries and sufferings .
Today we have lot of time to fight back and brace up for the future tragedies in advance.
If you choose to stick onto your “compromised relationships or states ” for fear of loosing momentary happiness .Trust me life is coming at you. It will you knock you down fatally because it punishes the people who were the given the chance of self-actualization,of realizing the responsibilty of improving ones life and of kins and kiths.

So destruction and desolation of us and people around us is the prize we pay for yielding to momentary pleasures.
Do your future wife/kids and parents a favour by being a person around whom the people are filled with a sense of hope, of inspiration. Dont add misery to your already miserable world.

Do your future self a favour

Your present “now” may get by with much pain but your future “self” is going to suffer a great deal by the mistakes your present self is commiting recklessly
It will look back and curse you for destroying “him” irreversibly

Written by malik mohsin


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