Sana Khaan renounces Bollywood citing moral reasons

Sana Khaan renounces Bollywood citing moral reasons


Sana Khaan renounces Bollywood citing moral reasons

What is the tweet?

I just passed through a tweet by Sana Khan, a Bollywood actress, who has chosen to renounce the glamour and fame of Bollywood; exactly like Zaira Wasim.

She bid good-bye to Bollywood with a formal note where she spoke that she had been grappling with two main questions:

1) “Is real purpose of life of man’s coming into this world only to chase wealth and fame?”

Paraphrasing her: Is materialism all we can think of?

2) “And what will happen to me after I am no more?”

These questions have been in philosophical discussions-Teleology- since time immemorial.

What is Teleology?

The first problem belongs to the philosophical school of thought called “Teleology”:

Teleology, from the Greek word telos, meaning “purpose” or “end,” is the study of goals, ends, purposes, and destinies. Humans have purposes and goals that drive their behavior.

Naturally, during the ages of humanity when nearly everyone believed in god, it wasn’t a problem to give purposes to nature, since nature was thought to be a something created by a conscious being—God. And even philosophers without traditional religious beliefs felt compelled by the apparent intelligence of nature’s ‘design’ to assume that nature is teleological in some sense. But as disbelief on religions grew in the wake of Industrial Revolution; teleological depressions began to afflict more and more people world over.

Though, Entertainment Industry manages, to a greater extent, to subside the inner voice of people(i.e, voice of inner soul).But it fails to completely root out such callings that have been ingrained in us by our Creator.

Life after death

And about second question: “And what will happen to me after I am no more?”.

This question, to this day, Science has not been able to answer, but she got her answer exactly from the one who gave us one:Our Creator.


For a month or so, shun the life of entertainment; you will see yourself that such questions will automatically pop up in your head and soul.

It is Entertainment that desensitizes one regarding these questions. And this intemperance from our side would not go unpunished in hereafter. We are culpable for the crimes we commit on our souls.


Written By Malik Mohsin

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