In Nostalgia I am Drowning ||A rant against philosophy of Science|| by Malik Mohsin




I feel nostalgic about the old days of glory, simplicity and the unassumingness with which people lived their lives.

I feel nostalgic about the social mores of yore where radical leftist rationality had not hijacked the intuitively evident morality of the society.

I feel nostalgic of the times when we used to wake up and refresh ourselves in cold breezes of early morning.

I ache for the screams that we used to make in the unfenced courtyard of our homes while frolicking in the blissful air of childhood.

I long for my old childhood carelessness, of my old charitable attitude to let moments pass before me uninhibited by the filters of my cognitive judgement.

I envy the greed of selflessness with which we used to participate in festivities of halcyon times.

I feel disillusioned to reminisce the tranquil nights of sleep I used to have after a strenuous day of play.

I feel envious of the beatings that my parents used to mete out to me for every mistake I dared to make.

What is not there in the past that the present has not stolen from us?

What usurped our essence of us?

What alienated us among us in this deep-connectedly social network of relationships?

What made humans die in droves not least out of hunger but because of the surfeit of food-food that was grown initially to nourish the hungery now is feeding the already fed.

Mortality, on one hand, has been reduced due to improvement in living conditions, health care facility and what not; while on the other hand it has filled the gap by taking people from us in the form of suicides, accidents

Where is the Can of worms that have been let loose on humanity that is devouring us from within and then parasiting and sucking our blood from without?

Yes. You guessed it right-I am talking about scientific technology.

This monster, that was invented to serve us, has switched its gears by enslaving us to serve it instead.
We, humans, who used to marvel at ourselves for this supreme possession is now instead possessing us.

We don’t own technology; technology owns us.
We don’t own cars;cars own us.
We don’t possess I phone, mansions instead it is them which has taken us as their possession.

You are wary about the A.I., that has, time and again, been painted as the real would-be Frankenstein.

But have we psychologically not been already possessed?

Have we not already been enslaved in the dopamine-based imprisonment of social media?

What is science if not a tool created to deprive humans of humanity, to teach us that humans are supreme in this grand scheme of Darwinian Evolutionary theatricality.


Malik Mohsin

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