Hathras gang rape and its possible soultion



Enough is enough now. It has to stop now. Hathras Gangrape case yet another sign of extreme moral decadence in our society.

Sad demise

It is outrageously horrific and saddening to hear about the demise of a 19-year-old Dalit woman, on Tuesday morning, who was  gang raped by four beasts of Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras district a fortnight ago .
Earlier on Monday she was shifted to AIIMS due to the graveness of injuries inflicted on her.

The culprits had even tried to strangulate her to death. Such is the monstrosity of these people .
According to NDTV report
“the woman suffered multiple fractures and her tongue had been slashed in the brutal assault”

The day of Incident-Sep 14

On September 14, She along with her family members, had gone out to fetch some grass.
They were gathering grass in a way that had them off each others’ sight.
This is what culprits took advantage of.
All four culprits belong to upper-caste.
Is it a mere coincidence??
I don’t think so.
Upon coming to know she is missing from her spot , her mother searched here and there and ultimately found her lying unconscious in the nearby field in a bruised and mutilated condition.

The victim’s family has accused the Utter Pradesh’s police of taking a lackadaisical action by delaying it for days.

Horrific statistics

According to a report released in January by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Utter Pradesh is ranked as the worst for women’s security, followed by Madhya Pradesh as the state where rape is most rampant.

The total number of cases of crime against women in 2018 stood at 378,277, of which Uttar Pradesh alone had 59,445 cases of crimes against women. Madhya Pradesh registered the maximum number of rapes at 5,450, nearly 15 a day.

The overall number of crimes against women has risen steadily from 322,929 in 2016, to 345,989 in 2017, and 378,277 in 2018.


The solution to problem does not lie only in putting the culprits behind the bars but rather it has to be necessarily implemented on multiple levels:

1)Culprits must be meted out the harshest of punishment in the form of public beheading that too televised live. It will serve two purposes:
Culprits will get their comeuppance plus it would act as a deterrent for whole society so that in future the crooks having proclivity towards crime would not even dare to think of it.

2)Public display of sexuality has to be rooted out .
In one study it has been revealed that rapists are regular surfers of porn and try to act such things out .

Bollywood and other show business industries have to have atleast enough decency to take collective responsibility of not using their platform for sexual exploitation and exhibition.

No. It can’t be justified in the name of liberalism.
Let your work be art rather then means of titillation and sexualization of women.

In addition to it, Intellectuals ,from various fields, should come together and see this menace at socio-political level and try to find the reasons of what drives a human to such villainous mindset and ferret out possible solutions that will then be applied roundly on whole society.

Remember mere punishment won’t annihilate the crime.
It has to be accompanied by other blanket sociopolitical changes and reforms.

Mere blaming would render us nowhere.
We , collectively, as a society have to be the part of solution.
Let’s be the part of solution not just mere spectators .

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written  by Malik Mohsin





  1. It is a must to talk about issues like violating women rights and rape cases. Every participation, be it me or anybody matters and we all have bear the responsibility and teach people among us about what’s sexually is right and what’s not. Indeed, it was an excellent write-up.

    • Indeed.
      But what we deem sexually right or wrong need have a cross-cultural universality and should not be restricted only to a single society.
      From West to rest: sexual etiquette need to be same


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