Book Review of Gujrat Files:Anatomy of a Cover-up


Book Review of Gujrat Files:Anatomy of a Cover-up

Stories that you may have heard, up until now, only through grapevine; would cease to be mere fitments of biased imagination of minority; once you go through this book.

If one questions its veracity, then he, ipso facto, is entertaining a deep aversion towards the Pursuit of truth and justice. That is to say he is blinded by the “collective brain-washed narrative” of the present moral and social zeitgeist and would not submit to the truth even if mathematical equation will enunciate it-where, out of all fields of knowledge, subjectivity vaporizes in thin air and only objective truths reigns.

Those are the hopeless cases. Let’s pray for them.

It is no handyman’s account where one can hardly put one’s credence into. In it Rana Ayub, the writer, sets out for a rather daring endeavor of documenting the inner accounts of the happenings of Gujarat Riots straight from the horse’s mouth.

It shows, From political kahuna’s to police officials, how the majority of them were in collusion due to their inaction and, at times, dissemination of lies pedaled by provocateurs.

It also documents how a few officials were used as scapegoats and others deprived of the deserved promotions and laurels that they would have otherwise acheived had they complied. Only a few stood by the steadfastness towards the constitution.

It also has peripheral references about malice of casteism and does a marvelous work in revealing how marginalization and ostracization of lower- caste officials is entrenched in the system, at every level of hierarchy, and how they are forced to forefront the acts of corporate and government malfeasance.

It gave me nostalgia of the times when I had read  Abundant Roy’s GOD OF SMALL THINGS; wherein I had intuitively felt this hierarchical discrimination of caste ism.

Go read it and see for yourself the coherence of those grim incidents penned in a novelistic narrative-that is what piques, rather amplifies, the interest of reader throughout its perusal.


By Malik Mohsin


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